RTP Episode 108: The All Singing All Shouting Episode!!!

Man oh man was this a fun episode!!!! Emil stood up and pointed his finger to shout at Artur so many times he lost like 10 pounds! It was like watching a one sided WWF match…but funnier. Especially because he was wearing a non girlfriend approved shirt that says “I’m hard to Kidnap” spoiler alert he isn’t that hard to kidnap. All you have to do is follow him home and open your door. Of course it helps when you’re a very sexy missionary kid like myself who builds trust over years and years of never kidnapping someone. I think this is the first episode where I call Emil by his nickname Limey. This is not meant as an ethnic slur, especially since I actually am a Limey and not a Paddy as it turns out…It happens to be Emil backwards with y added on.

Here is the new episode: RTP108

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