RTP Episode 109: Genesis, Giants, and Dumbwinism

We decided to discuss Darwinism and origins stuff. After our lively previous episode this will either be a letdown for you or a breath of fresh air depending on whether you’re a psychopath or not! We get into some Nephilim stuff and I have to link to Michael Heiser’s website because A)I want you to have access to his excellent informative work B)I had to apologize a bunch of times during the episode because I could not remember what his views were precisely on some of these issues and C)that wouldn’t be such a big if I didn’t work for Dr. Heiser and should know all this by heart but I was afraid of mischaracterizing him and misleading ya’ll.

Here’s the episode: RTP109

And here’s the Heiser Links:

Thoughts on Nephilim

Genesis 6

Sin of the Watchers and Galatians

You should subscribe to his newsletter and his podcasts. Both the Naked Bible and Peeranormal are some of the best resources for Christians available in podcast form. His books also are great and interesting resources. Reversing Hermon is especially relevant to some of the themes in this episode.

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