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Resistance TV is an organization that aim to create a dialogue in culture about the difficult social and religious topics from a Christian worldview.  The individual bloggers on this site differ in their cultural backgrounds and education and will aspire to inform the public on the issues that are happening today and those questions which are most challenging to us as a society.  All the views shared on this blog belong to the individuals and not to anyone they associate with including places of employment or education.

Artur Asaduriyan was born and raised in Armenia until he was 11 years old when he emigrated with his family to the United States. Brought up in a nominal Christian home without any commitment to follow Jesus, he lived his life as a practical atheist. In his senior year of high school he started to question the existence of God and if any religions were true expressions of God. A year after he started this journey, Artur gave his life to follow the teachings of Jesus of Nazareth. Two years after his commitment to God, Artur started to attend Bible College (L.I.F.E. Bible College) and earned a B.A. in Biblical Studies with a Minor in Education. After Bible College he took a year off formal education and started full-time ministry as an Associate Pastor at Christian Outreach for Armenians Church. During his first years of full-time ministry, Artur also earned an MA in Philosophy from Talbot School of Theology. During that time, he married his wonderful wife Araz. They have two children, Avetis and Nairi. He is an adamant fan of Liverpool F.C. and has a deep love for the beautiful game. “The unexamined life is not worth living” – Socrates

Emil Haroutunian was born in Steyr, Austria. Early in his childhood, his family moved to the heart of Glendale, CA where he was raised. Promptly after having an encounter with Jesus, Emil began rigorous studies of the Bible. He is currently a senior at Eternity Bible College and will soon receive his degree in Biblical Studies. He plans on attending Fuller Theological Seminary afterward for his Masters Degree. Emil is passionate about providing answers to the young curious mind regarding the scriptures. He’s also a fervent fan of League of Legends team Cloud9. “Apply yourself wholly to the text; apply the text wholly to yourself.” – Johann Albrecht

Haig Shishmanian was born and raised in Allendale, NJ. He attended Stevens Institute of Technology where he earned a BS in Mathematics and minors in History and Economics (2010). More importantly, though raised by devout Christian parents, he began his Jesus-following discipleship journey at Stevens, being mentored by an older brother in the faith. He went on to complete an MA in International Relations at Bilkent University in Ankara, Turkey (2014), where he learned firsthand that the only hope for inter-ethnic relations is reconciliation with God in Christ. Though he was accepted for PhD study in Political Science at the University of Maryland, he left his assignment there after only 3 months in order to follow God’s call into pastoral ministry. He moved to Los Angeles in August 2016 to begin his first assignment at COA Church in Glendale, CA, where he overseas Youth Ministry & Missions. He is a huge fan of the band POD and will soon marry the love of his life, Natalie. “The best of all is, God is with us” – John Wesley

Aaron Gleason was born in Portland, OR to evangelicals with overseas missions aspirations. Because of these aspirations, his parents immediately transplanted him to the Philippines and later to Dallas, TX, where he became a diehard Cowboys fan while his father earned a PhD from DTS. His family raised support and moved back to the Philippines as full-time missionaries just in time for him to miss out on the Cowboys’ 90s Super Bowl dynasty. He spent K-12 at Faith Academy, the largest school for children of missionaries in the world, and had a blast playing Rugby, acting in plays, and learning about the Bible. Early on in High School he discovered Ravi Zacharias and has been enthralled with the study of world views, religion, and philosophy ever since. He attended Biola University in La Mirada, CA where he met his beautiful wife Sarah and was able to fulfill his Irish telos: the covenantal love of a fiery-haired lass. He earned a BA in Philosophy (2009) and attended Talbot School of Theology where he met a couple of crazy LFC supporters who magically changed the color of his blood from scarlet to Liverpool red, and now he Never Walks Alone, and earned an MA in Philosophy. He works with special needs students in the public schools, argues with atheists on the internet, attempts to write comics, Uber/Lyfts when he can, generally tries to be a good husband, and most importantly seeks to be a disciple of the Messiah. Intellectual interests include ecclesiology, Christology, eschatology, philosophy of m†ind, materialism, atheism, film, constitutional law, and politics in general. He also thinks that after Bach’s organ works, Beethoven’s symphonies, Coltrane & Davis’ respective discographies, that Johnny Cash reigns supreme over all. “Will you partake in that last offered cup? Or disappear into the Potter’s Ground? When the Man comes around” – Johnny Cash, The Man in Black

Kyle was born in Texas and raised in small-town Missouri.  He became a Christian when he was 20 years old back in 2008.  He got his B.A. in philosophy from the University of Missouri-Columbia and his M.A. in philosophy from Biola University.  He currently teaches English, history, social studies, and standardized test preparation to Chinese kids.  He does not watch sports.  “Insert quote here.” – Kyle Hendricks